Workhorse is driven by a simple mantra: without quality, there cannot be growth. However, as a new player in an experienced, developed beer market like Philadelphia, we know that top-notch suds are merely the ante to play the game. Successful brands are able to create meaningful connections to their customers with an honest, accessible approach and an unwavering commitment to hospitality.

That’s where the slogan, “Beer Made Right” comes in. We are dedicated to crafting a top-notch experience in all phases of the operation, from our 30bbl Rolec brewhouse to our Taproom service and everywhere in between.

Above all else, we know that without our guests, we cannot grow. We sincerely value and encourage feedback from everyone who visits and engages with our brand. As the name Workhorse suggests, we aim to be consistent, dependable, reliable and diligent in our efforts to serve you an enjoyable experience.

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