homebrew night


Are you a veteran or aspiring homebrewer? Part of a club or flying solo?

Starting June 12th, we invite you to join us every second Wednesday of the month at the Taproom for a night celebrating all things homebrew.

Each gathering features the opportunity for guests to bottle share, taste and discuss their homebrews. We encourage you to bring your latest and greatest, connecting with fellow homebrewers new and old. Beyond the home brew itself, Workhorse has invited a guest host from one of four categories to shape conversation at any given event. They include:

  1. The Art of Brewing - To include tours of our facility from our brewing staff as well as discussions around innovations in brewing equipment and technique from professionals and homebrewers alike

  2. The Science of Brewing - Topics of conversation will be centered upon the nuts and bolts of brewing science, featuring talks by brewing science professors and laboratory folks

  3. The Business of Brewing - Want to go pro? What does it take to open a brewery or ancillary brewing-related service/product? Hear from folks who have done it before and partake in a lively Q&A to learn more

  4. Food and Beer - Have you ever wanted to cook with your homebrew? How about pair it with the right dish? Just love geaking out about food and bev? Speak with local chefs, restaurateurs and fellow home cooks on all things culinary

Additionally, once a year, members will participate in a homebrew competition featuring Workhorse wort. This event will be judged by a panel of industry professionals and will be a celebration of the creative spirit in homebrewing. We will also eat like kings.

Full schedule—including guests and speakers--to be announced soon.

Timing: Wednesday nights from 6-9pm (show up for any or all of the window)

Cost: Free, PAYG for beer

Wednesday June 12th (The Art of Brewing) - A guided brewery tour with Workhorse Brewmaster Nate Olewine, followed by a Q&A&T(asting)

Wednesday July 10th (The Business of Brewing) - A chat with Chris Kunda, the fourth generation owner of Kunda Beverage, now celebrating its 100th year of operations.

Wednesday August 14th (Food and Beer) -Guest TBA

Wednesday September 11th (The Science of Brewing) - An evening with Dr. Matthew Farber, Director of the Brewing Science Program at University of the Sciences