flights to go


We’ve all spent time at our favorite brewery, enjoying a flight at the bar and sampling a variety of different flavors and styles. Until now, that experience was limited to the Taproom. But not any more.

Introducing Flights To Go® from Workhorse Brewing Company, a portable Flight featuring six different beers in 8oz cans. Each flight contains three ales (West Coast IPA, New England IPA, Pale Ale) and three lagers (Vienna, Helles, Pilsner) so there’s something for everyone. Bring a Flight To Go to your next party, the golf course or to your home refrigerator for those times you just want a taste. Flights To Go will be available in April 2019 at numerous locations and our KoP Taproom. For more information on FTG and where/how to purchase, please email Dan Hershberg at