You want it. We've got it.

This is the Workhorse release you've been waiting for. Big, bold and full of coffee, chocolate and rich malts, this Stout packs a punch. Stop into our Taproom on Black Friday for the first tapping of our newest beer and while you're in, take advantage of some killer deals.

  • Buy a $50 Gift Card, get a $10 Gift Card for free

  • Buy a $100 Gift Card, get a $20 Gift Card for free

  • Workhorse Gift Packs available at a steep discount

  • All merch is 25% off. Browse our current selection here!

  • Doors open at 11am, 3 hours early

Food truck: Bad Mother Shuckers

In a world of non stop hustle and bustle, Stuff’d Buns is the subtle reminder to slow down and enjoy the smaller bites in life. Hand crafted from only the freshest ingredients, Stuff’d Bun proves that big things do come in small packages. They truly believe in the preservation of healthy food and local ingredients and as foodies, they love sharing their food creations with you! 

Visit their website for more info:

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