our values


quality. consistency. accessibility. 

THAT doesn’t just mean top-notch beer. It means an unparalleled customer experience. A TAProom designed with your needs in mind. People who listen and care. 


As native Philadelphians, we know the importance of showing up and working hard. It’s why we’ve chosen to open Workhorse in the same place in which we’ve lived and worked our entire lives. The only thing more important than making the highest quality product is the community that allows us to have that opportunity in the first place. We understand and embrace the responsibility to be active members of that community and intend to prove it through our actions, not just our words.

This commitment is foundational to every aspect of our business. Upon opening, we intend to make our event space free of charge to local charities and organizations for fundraisers (scroll down to contact us for more info). We have chosen to self-distribute our product even though it poses a greater logistical challenge and cost to our company, yet we do so because we value personal relationships with every single account that chooses to support the Workhorse brand. This isn’t just our brewery, it’s yours and we encourage you to help shape it now and into the future.

giving back

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