about the brews from our brewmaster

With a stated goal to create high-quality, consistent beers that are both accessible and approachable, Workhorse Brewing Company offers something to both the beer geek and craft novice; drinkable, yet nuanced, well-made beers that best represent the style for which they’re named.

Our portfolio is a balance between lagers and ales, providing a range of beers that include, crisp, malt-driven lagers all the way to dank, resinous IPAs. While we specialize in traditional styles, we regularly offer rotating seasonal releases and eagerly await your collective feedback to help shape a beer list that appeals to you, our guests.

For those visiting our Taproom who aren’t interested in beer, please see below for our alternative beverage options, of which multiple items will always be available.


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American Pilsner (5.2% ABV)

"I’ve always wanted to brew a pilsner that showcases a blend of traditional noble hops. Noble hops provide the quintessential herbal and spicy characteristics for which the style is traditionally known. German hop breeding programs continue to develop new varieties that honor this heritage, and we incorporate a blend of old and new varieties to achieve that character. We round out this pilsner with imported pilsner malt that adds gentle notes of honey for balance."


"One of the most popular styles in the craft industry, every brewery worth its salt has a kickass IPA in their portfolio. Copious amounts of hops are boiled in the wort kettle to provide the characteristic bitterness the style is known for, but they also provide unique essential oils that impart fruity and citrusy flavors and aromas. Resinous dry-hopping amplifies these flavors and aromas without increasing the bitterness. All of this is balanced by a clean malt profile exhibiting biscuit and light caramel flavors. Make no mistake though, this beer is all about the hops!"

Vienna Lager (5.2% ABV)

"My two previous brewing gigs were with breweries that heavily featured lagers in their portfolios, and amber lagers have a rich history in Pennsylvania. That made the choice of featuring a Vienna-style lager a no-brainer for us at Workhorse. Mild flavors of caramel and toffee blend harmoniously with hints of toasted nuts to produce an easy drinking beer accessible to both the novice and seasoned beer connoisseur. A cold fermentation with extended aging tempers this beer into a delightfully smooth lager that is sure to become a fan favorite."

NEW ENGLAND IPA (6.7% ABV)                                             

"A blend of wheat, oats, and Pilsner malt form the background for this hop-centric ale. These soft undertones offer the perfect platform to launch a barrage of juicy American hops exploding with tropical fruit and citrus aromas. This unfiltered beer showcases a resinous dry-hopping to help keep the bitterness levels lower than traditional American IPAs, however, it still yields an abundant level of hop character." 


"This traditional golden lager made famous by the brewers of Munich is brewed exclusively with German malt and hops to produce a well-balanced beer. Subtle, malty notes reminiscent of lightly toasted bread and biscuit finish with a touch of spicy noble hops. A clean lager fermentation allows these raw ingredients to come together in a crisp, easy drinking lager."


“A popular misconception about DIPA’s is that they’ll be even more aggressively hoppy and bitter than a regular IPA. While that can sometimes be the case, this style is actually slightly sweeter due to the higher alcohol and ours is bursting with tropical melon flavors that pair harmoniously with just the rank amount of dank, hop character,”

guava gose (4.9% ABV)

“On the nose, this beer is jam packed with ripe, tropical fruit which is echoed in the first sip. The beer itself is tart and crisp with a hint of saltiness for which the style is known. Enjoy during the warm months of summer, ideally paired with spicy food or your favorite BBQ staples.”

sour ipa (5.0% ABV)                                          

"We get asked regularly about our plans for a sour program and are thrilled to add this kettle soured IPA to our portfolio. Loaded with bright, tart citrus thanks to aggressive dry hopping, the Sour IPA is all about striking a perfect balance between acidity and hops, with a low ABV that lends itself to a delightfully sessionable character.”

weissbier (5.4%)

“Often referred to as a Hefeweizen here in the US, this German Wheat Beer is a golden-hued, light-to-medium bodied delight. The prominence of the yeast imparts aroma of banana and clove, yet it finishes dry and crisp. A great summer beer with low ABV, we’re excited bring this beer to market.”

rosÉ ale(5.0%)

"This fruited ale is not only beautiful in color, but rich in flavor. Buoyed by copious amounts of raspberry and mango puree with a dry, carbonated character, it’s the perfect summer beer for any occasion. Crisp, light and refreshing, you’ll love the newest addition to the Workhorse portfolio.”


“There’s something compelling about a darker beer that drinks lighter, one that can be enjoyed all year round but especially during the crisp seasonal transition from Winter to Spring. Silky, roasted, dark chocolate notes envelop this low-alcohol stout, which finishes smooth with minimal bitterness.”


“Similar to a Hefeweizen, these southern German wheat beers are brewed as darker versions (Dunkel means "dark") with deliciously complex malts and a low balancing bitterness. Creamy and full-bodied, this beer is smooth, hazy and has a banana bread-like character.”. 

hazy lager (6.7% ABV)

"We took a cue from our best-selling New England IPA and created a hop-forward, juicy lager with a lovely citrus aroma. Using wheat and oats (no lactose) to achieve a deep, hazy hue, it’s a strong yet refreshing sip.”


NEXT UP: Coffee vanilla porter (collaboration with saxbys), Russian imperial stouT

kicked: american brown ale, doppelbock, imperial red ale, Pale ale, oktoberfest




A crisp, dry white wine that borders on spicy, this Grüner Veltliner is full of ripe citrus fruits and effortlessly balanced by a subtle, herbaceous undertone. Light, zesty and perfect for most occasions.


Inviting aromas of fresh baked cherry pie along with bouquets of cedar, fennel and hints of cocoa, this elegant vine is balanced by soft tannins on a medium bodied platform. Notes of raspberry sorbet, fig and an essence of black olive flavor round out a refined, smooth finish.

All wines rotate seasonally and will update accordingly.


wyndridge farm - crafty cider

Crafted in the spirit of a traditional Champagne-style hard cider, Crafty Cider leaves out excessive amounts of candy-like sweeteners, resulting in a fresh, clean hard cider. Wyndridge keeps it simple, by using locally pressed apples and yeast and we’re excited to feature this option for our guests.


SEASONAL COCKTAIL - lavender lemonade

A refreshing, easy-drinking spin on a classic, our Lavender Lemonade is a mixture of lemonade, lavender syrup and Manatawny Still Works vodka, served over ice.

ROTATING beer COCKTAIL - king manor coffee

Whether you’re looking for a day-after pick me up or a well-rounded coffee cocktail, our King Manor Coffee will do the trick. Featuring our Oatmeal Stout, vanilla vodka and coffee—served over ice—this beer cocktail is the perfect blend of caffeinated jolt and smooth stout.


Gin, Rum, Whiskey and Vodka are always available with a set of standard mixers.